Hi Everyone.
I Hope All is Good with You and Your World.
We shared a fantastic end of year Divine Service at “The Church” last night. With a packed hall and lots of positive Spiritual energy from our wonderful congregation, positive evidence from Spirit of a life that is Eternal, a thought provoking Spiritual Reading and fabulous Spiritual Healing, it was the perfect Spiritual Service.
My thanks to everyone who attended the Service last night, and for the Love and Support you have given “The Church” in 2016.
My special thanks David Hamilton for chairing, George Fairlie for the reading, and my wonderful team of Spiritual Healers, and a thank you to Sheila Queen for the unseen work she does.
Our Humble thanks to God & Spirit for making it all possible.
We are indeed Blessed.
I pray you all have a Fantastically Happy Christmas, and wish You all a Healthy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2017.
Kind regards & God Bless.

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