Divine Service of Spiritual Clairvoyance

Hi Everyone.
I Hope All is Good with You and Your World.
Many thank to everyone who attended last nights Divine Service of Spiritual Clairvoyance at “The Church” It was a Phenomenal evening full of Spiritual Love and Power. A Big thank you to our guest speaker Maureen (Land) Winser for her excellent demonstration of Spiritual Clairvoyance and for bringing forward positive evidence of a Life that is Eternal, a Big thank you too, to our wonderful congregation, for giving us another full and packed hall, once again it was very pleasing to welcome more new Friends to The Ferniegair Family. We also shared a very calming and uplifting Spiritual Healing Service. My thanks to our dedicated team of Spiritual Healers.
Our humble thanks to God & Spirit for making it all possible.
We are indeed Blessed..
I look forward to welcoming you all again next Sunday.
If You would like to become part of the “Wonderful Experience” that is Ferniegair Christian Spiritualist Church and would like more information, about “The Church” and our services, please telephone 01698 324607. take a look at our New Updated Website, or message me on Facbook
I look forward to hearing from You.
Kind regards & God Bless.

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