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Ferniegair Christian Spiritual Church opened its doors for the first time in August 1979.  Our President, Mrs Elizabeth McLean was the first medium to grace the platform and although Mrs McLean has now passed to Spirit, she remains the President.

Today the Church is run by Harry Boyd, Chairman, who has attended the Church since its inception.  Harry took over as Chairman from John Barry in 1983 and continues his sterling work today.

Ferniegair is an independent Christian Spiritual church with no affiliation to any Spiritualist Organisation, we are wholly self funded and rely only on the freewill offerings from the congregation to fund the Church.

The Church offers a Divine Service on a Sunday, the first part of the service includes a demonstration of clairvoyance by a Spiritual Medium, to reinforce our belief that life is Eternal,  this is followed by a Spiritual Healing Service. On a Tuesday there is a Meditation and  Spiritual Development Service and all are welcomed to attend all any of the services.

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Hi Everyone.
I Hope All is Good with You and Your World.
Wonderful evening of Spiritual Conviviality at “The Church” last night.
My thanks to Alice Treverrow for her Spiritual work and for serving God & Ferniegair, I’m sure we will see her return next year, a big thank you to our congregation for giving us another great turnout especially the new first time visitors who attended that is always very pleasing, I pray you enjoyed the Service and we welcome your return.
My thanks also to my dedicated team of Spiritual Healers and to everyone who lends a helping hand to make Ferniegair Christian Spiritual Church the Special place it is.
Our humblest thanks to God & Spirit for making it all possible.
We are indeed Truly Blessed.
Thank you all.
If You would like to become part of this “Wonderful Experience” and would like more information, about “The Church” and our services, then please telephone 01698 324607, take a look at our Website,”www.ferniegairspiritualistchurch.co.uk” or message me on Facebook.
Come and Join Us.
Come and Share with Us.
Come and Grow with Us.
I look forward to seeing you all next Sunday.
Kind regards & God Bless.
Harry Boyd.15826039_10154649068241001_7630917603623672562_n

Who looks outside, dreams: who looks inside, awakes.

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